Use Checkpoint Systems to Stop profit loss from shoplifting

You as a business owner need to figure out a way to reduce your losses and control shrink in your store. Simple enough, you would think. But shoplifters, employee theft and vendor fraud make the task more difficult than it needs to be. When a business is thinking about anti shoplifting methods , a great option to consider is Checkpoint security systems .

Part of an effective anti shoplifting system is making sure that inventory is accurately tracked and accounted for. Then, when inventory is displayed for customers to buy, retail anti theft devices like Checkpoint security systems may be used to further counter shrink problems. Checkpoint labels may be placed on high theft merchandise so that employees are alerted when merchandise is leaving without going through a cashier. Checkpoint tags work in the same manner. Often, simply the sight of the anti shoplifting tools like Checkpoint tags may be enough to deter the shoplifter and encourage them to move on to the next unprotected business.

When you recognize that some of the merchandise you sell is sought after by thieves, Checkpoint security systems will help protect it. You want to be able to still have your high theft merchandise available to honest customers right? Well Checkpoint systems allow you to still do this and have the merchandise protected to make a profit. There is no profit to be made when your merchandise is walking out at the hands of shoplifters.

While locked cases can help deter theft, it is probably not practical to lock up every item that you sell. Also people are more likely to purchase things they can get without the help of a sales associate. Checkpoint security systems such as Checkpoint labels or Checkpoint tags are used to display the merchandise that you have to offer without worrying about the profits you may lose if the merchandise is stolen.

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Anti Shoplifting Efforts Peak Employee Interest

It has been a challenge for retailers to stop shoplifting since the first shops opened their doors in ancient times. Then, it was nice and easy for shop owners to enforce anti shoplifting measures. People were a lot less likely to steal when the punishment was incredibly severe.

Punishment for the crime has changed over time and unfortunately rates of loss due to shoplifting have gone drastically up. Because of this increase in crime, anti shoplifting strategies are more important now than ever before.  Luckily, in today’s world retail anti theft devices , such as Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint tags are available to help combat and stop shoplifting.

The first time I came in contact with Checkpoint Security Systems, I was an undercover loss prevention agent working in a drug store. I had heard of the Checkpoint Security Systems previously, but had never the opportunity to interact with one. After a brief run down on how these worked and what to look for, I loved the system.  Checkpoint Security Systems were like my partner (even better). With active Checkpoint Security Systems including Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels, thieves could not leave our store without being seen and heard.

As the years went on, each store I worked was fitted with Checkpoint systems, and we watched our shrink decrease. The more skilled “pro’s” were still challenged and forced to invent ways to attempt to defeat the checkpoint systems. Soon, many of these “pro’s” were nabbed and their ways were detected. Checkpoint systems offered my stores the anti shoplifting program we needed.

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If only shoplifters used their powers for good instead of evil…

Early in my career as a retail theft prevention specialist, I received an email detailing a tool an individual had used for shoplifting. Attached to the email was a picture, which the asset protection employees had lovingly labeled a “booster buggy.” It was a child’s stroller, and with a blanket over the front of it, it did not look suspicious at all. But if you lifted that blanket, the crafty shoplifters had built a box in the seat of the stroller, complete with foil lining, black tape on the outside, and a flip lid. It was used to conceal and walk out with quite a bit of our business’s merchandise.

If these shoplifters would only have put their creativity to work for good instead of evil, the world might be a better place. Unfortunately, because of crimes like this, retail prices are higher for the honest customers. Businesses must utilize the resources that are available to stop shoplifting in order to combat this “evil” that all business owners face.

Retail anti theft devices can aid in this battle against “evil”, by deterring those that intend to shoplift from you. Shoplifters want easy access to your merchandise and a quick get-away, and retail anti theft devices take away both of those opportunities. They are a wise resource to utilize on your anti shoplifting crusade.

Checkpoint systems anti shoplifting devices such as Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint security tags help stop shoplifting by alerting employees when sneaky people try to get out of your business with unpurchased merchandise.

Having an effective retail theft prevention program for your business is also a mighty weapon against shoplifting. Educated employees that provide good customer service, checkpoint security tags, key controls, closed circuit television, and a variety of other retail anti theft devices all can help stop shoplifting in your business.

With good retail theft prevention, the “evil” of shoplifting can be defeated in your business, allowing for “good” profits.

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Retail theft prevention with Checkpoint Systems

I’ve learned after working a few years in retail theft prevention that shoplifters come in all shapes and sizes.  They are all ages, all backgrounds, and all classes of people.  I’ve also learned that while some are obvious as to what their intentions are when they enter your business, others have learned to blend in and do their work virtually undetected.  Your shrink dollars and unaccounted for merchandise tells you that they have been there – but you are only left reeling in their wake.

Anti shoplifting devices such as Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint tags can help deter these shoplifters when you might not otherwise be able to.  A business can be fully staffed and still employees can miss the tell-tale signs of a potential shoplifter.  Or that shoplifter might just be well rehearsed with his or her technique for stealing.  With retail anti theft devices such as Checkpoint security systems, your merchandise itself can protect your assets and increase your profits.

Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint security tags can be affixed to your high ticket and high theft merchandise.  With Checkpoint systems in place, your merchandise can essentially defend itself.  The sneaky shoplifter who might otherwise steal from you will reconsider when they see that you have invested in retail theft prevention measures.  Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels are nearly impossible to remove without a key from the register and will sound a loud alarm when they leave your store without being removed. This is certainly attention that potential shoplifters don’t want.

Any person who walks into your business could be a shoplifter.  They aren’t all shoplifters, but there are more than you might suspect.  By utilizing anti shoplifting options such as Checkpoint systems, you can let the retail anti theft devices do the work of reducing the shrink and loss experienced at the hands of these people.

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Checkpoint Systems: The New Frontier

Checkpoint security systems have come a long way since their humble beginnings in Philadelphia. You might not know this but Checkpoint Systems was originally designed for libraries and it wasn’t until later that they became the retail anti theft devices that you know today.

A Philadelphia library was having a problem with patrons leaving the building with books that they had not checked out. This was causing a significant amount of loss of books and ultimately money. Checkpoint systems realized that something needed to be done and designed a contraption that used RF (radio frequency) energy to detect Checkpoint tags that had been placed inside the library books.

The original Checkpoint security systems looked similar to the metal detectors that you have to walk through at the airport. With advancements in technology, came smaller and better antennas. These are probably the ones you are most familiar with. I still see this style of Checkpoint security system antennas or Checkpoint labels on clothing in television shows and movies.

As well as the “legacy” equipment worked, there was always one constant flaw. The Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels would pickup differently depending on how they were facing. If the tag were facing sideways or horizontal it would be detected better than if it were forward facing. This would cause a gap or a hole in the system making it easier for items to leave the premises without being detected.

With the release of the new Evolve antennas, this problem was finally resolved. The Checkpoint security systems Evolve antenna is designed with 360 degree rotating detection field. This means that when tagged items go through the retail anti theft devices, they will be equally detected no matter which way they are facing. This new design truly is a game changer. With the use of an Evolve Checkpoint security system, preventing loss just got a whole lot easier.

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Use Checkpoint Security Systems… Stop suffering from shoplifters

Your business is suffering…from shrink. A Checkpoint Security System may be the solution you have been looking for.  There are options available, such as Checkpoint security systems that can be effective at deterring and preventing losses to your business from theft.

Retail ant theft devices such as Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels are a visible deterrent that shoplifters do not want to have to deal with when they target your business.  Shoplifters thrive on not being noticed. Why have the extra hassle of figuring out how to get around a checkpoint security systems retail anti theft devices when there are other businesses that are unprotected?  Checkpoint systems are a proven industry leader in this innovation and are a worthwhile investment to those wishing to explore anti shoplifting options.

As a business owner you need to be able to openly offer merchandise that your customers desire and are willing to purchase.  When you sell items that are considered high theft, or appealing to those that shoplift, you are taking an additional risk by having these items available to your honest customers as well.  Protecting this high theft merchandise with checkpoint tags and checkpoint labels allows you to afford to offer this desirable merchandise without having to offset shrink with higher prices.

Honest customers appreciate your investment in retail anti theft devices.  While they may not realize it when they are shopping at your business, your ability to offer reasonable prices and in-stock merchandise is appreciated, and is directly related to your investment in retail theft prevention and anti shoplifting systems.  With a Checkpoint security system you can  offer the merchandise protection you need to be a competitive business, not a victim of theft.

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Checkpoint Systems “For Dummies”

A Checkpoint security system is an excellent tool used by retailers around the world to help prevent shoplifting. It is a visual deterrent that causes most petty shoplifter to think twice about putting merchandise in their pocket. Also, Checkpoint systems alert employees if someone tries to leave the store with items that have not been purchased.

Checkpoint security systems create an RF (Radio Frequency) field around the antenna(s) that are located at exit points of a retail store. They also may be placed at any point a retailer decides they do not want merchandise that has not been purchased to go. The RF field works the same way as radio or cell phone towers. The closer you are to them the stronger the signal will be. This means that the closer the Checkpoint labels are to the antennas the better the pickup will be.

Checkpoint tags are tuned to a specific frequency that the Checkpoint security system is designed to recognize. This can be compared to a radio station’s number. When you turn the radio in to 97.5 F.M. you are telling your radio to receive the signal that is being transmitted by the radio tower that is broadcasting at 97.5 MHz. A Checkpoint security system does the same thing except it is at 8.2MHz.

This is where some retailer’s expectations become increasingly high. Although Checkpoint security systems do a fantastic job at detecting merchandise with Checkpoint labels, it is not 100 percent accurate by itself. Retailers cannot simply have someone install Checkpoint systems and expect the system to become their entire loss prevention department. This is true with any electronic article surveillance system.

To be continued…

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Got Electronics? You Need Checkpoint Systems

With the retail electronics market at an all-time high you need Checkpoint Systems as part of your anti shoplifting efforts. These items are often of great interests to thieves. With their ever-shrinking size and high value they have become a target for shoplifters now more than ever. In 2009 retail shrink costs companies over $115 billion. For this reason the implementation of retail anti theft devices has become vital. Checkpoint Systems provides advanced EAS systems, burglar alarm systems and they specialize in high-theft solutions for the retail market.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why Checkpoint Systems? Well, that’s like asking why you should go to a doctor when you develop an illness. A doctor has the experience and training that you don’t. A doctor has dedicated their lives to solving the problems that you have. Sure, there are other alternatives, but just like you wouldn’t risk your health to some shaman or witch doctor you shouldn’t risk the health of your business to just anyone.

Checkpoint Systems provides the best in retail anti theft devices including the EVOLVE shrink management system, which is designed to grow as your business does, and the Liberty/3G system which provides superb RF protection. All anti shoplifting devices are not created equal. Alpha high-theft solutions are the best in the market. They provide keepers, spider wraps, hard tags and the Showsafe system which allows you to display your electronics for customer convenience without risking it being equally convenient for shoplifters to walk off with. In short, they’ve got the cure for what ails you. Include retail anti theft devices from Checkpoint Systems in your anti shoplifting efforts as soon as possible.

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Checkpoint Security Systems Offer Profit Solutions for Retailers

Checkpoint Security Systems offer a variety of solutions for retailers.

Checkpoint Security Systems provide innovative technology geared towards protecting merchandise while maintaining profitability.  Most seasoned retailers understand one of their biggest assets in the war against shrink is Checkpoint Security Systems.

Checkpoint Security systems were recently installed in a somewhat new retailer I manage. This store was really not expected to lose much inventory based on other retailers in the area. However, it was very clear that this was very much a “guesstimate” and from the get go proved inaccurate. The business was trying to save money and figured they could cut some of the budget by reducing merchandise protection efforts, namely Checkpoint Security Systems. The stores belief was that the simple appearance of a Checkpoint System will deter any thieves and ultimately help the store control its budget. In reality, this store was assuming that because it was in a low crime area, they would not have any difficulty with shoplifters or theft. This is a big misconception by many retailers. Some assume that because they are in visually low crime area, or even in an affluent area, they won’t have the same levels of shoplifting and theft crimes. True to a point, but no retailer is immune to theft and loss or shrink.

A checkpoint system installed and properly executed will provide the much needed anti shoplifting efforts. This retailer assumed it would not need anything more than an installed checkpoint system, no other anti shoplifting positions nor measures were put in place. As a result of the stores poorly directed budgetary concerns, the business suffered. The checkpoint system was installed but no one really cared. The store was being taken daily by both customers and employees. Had this store utilized the checkpoint system as recommended, anti shoplifting would not be as big a concern as it proved to be.

What anti shoplifting protection does your business have?

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Investing in your Profits with Checkpoint Security Systems

A business owner wants to be able to provide merchandise at a reasonable price, without having to compensate excessively for loss due to shrink and theft.  It’s a simply concept outwardly, but with many facets that have to be explored.  Retail anti theft devices are an option that can be explored in order to help reduce these losses that all business owners experience to some extent.

Retail theft prevention options such as Checkpoint security systems are a proven way to help stop shoplifting within businesses.  Checkpoint labels or Checkpoint tags attached to your high theft merchandise sound an alarm should they leave your business without being paid for.  The visual deterrent alone is enough to convince shoplifters to rethink stealing from businesses with Checkpoint systems.

Shoplifters tend to scope out a business before they consider it a target.  When they are deciding where and what to steal, they are looking at your retail theft prevention options.  When they see that you have Checkpoint labels or Checkpoint security tags, they are wary about attempting to steal from you.  Shoplifters do not want attention, and thrive on that lack of attention in order to steal.  So by having anti shoplifting devices such as Checkpoint security systems, you are telling the shoplifters that you are willing to provide them plenty of attention in order to protect your merchandise.

It’s a fact that businesses suffer loss due to theft.  Businesses can, however, take proactive measures to reduce this loss as much as possible.  Anti shoplifting ideas such as Checkpoint security systems are an option, and for minimal investment maximum profit can be achieved. Checkpoint security tags deliver a great ROI to your bottom line not the shoplifters!  That scenario is what business is all about.

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