Checkpoint security tags will save inventory and boost profits

Using checkpoint security tags to protect merchandise from shoplifting theft will keep inventory on the shelves, leaving more available for sale, boosting sales and boosting profits.  You can easily increase your net margins by 50% by implementing a loss prevention security method such as using  checkpoint systems  anti theft devices.

Let’s look at an example of how reducing losses will boost profits.  Take a retailer selling $1mil per year with a net margin of 2% and an inventory shrink rate of 2%.  Most retailers not using a system to protect their inventory are losing more than 2% but I want to be conservative in my example.  2% net margin & shrink means $20,000 net profit and $20,000 in shrink.  By using checkpoint security tags you will see at least a 50% reduction in shrink (many see over 75%).  And let’s say there is no bump in added sales even though typically there is a 5 to ten percent bump there simply due to having more merchandise available for buyers.  The 50% reduction in shrink equates to $10,000, which goes directly to the profit margin side of the books.  An added $10k in profit is a 50% increase on profit margin.  So now you land at a 1% shrink rate and a 3% net margin rate.

Again these numbers are conservative.  We have seen shrink rates well over five percent…imagine cutting a six percent shrink rate in half and how that would add to net margins!  Whatever you save from theft is purely added profit…another way to look at it is it takes your profit to replace your lost inventory.  So consider using checkpoint security tags to protect your merchandise and boost your profits. To learn more visit  checkpoint security tags 

Checkpoint security systems annual report on retail theft

Released by checkpoint security systems and the Center for Retail Research on October 19th, 2010, the Global Retail Theft Barometer reports on several factors of retail theft around the globe. I was surprised by one statistic that was almost a complete flip of the US numbers.

In the US employee theft accounts for about 43% of the retail loss numbers and shoplifting about 36%.  Globally the numbers are 43% shoplifting and 35% employee theft according to the University of Florida’s National Retail Security Survey which is considered to be the most comprehensive and accurate in the industry. A variable that is unknown in the US is how employee involvement in aiding shoplifters affects the numbers.

One interesting finding that the global study highlighted was the apparent correlation between increased spending in security measures and a decrease in theft.  Solutions such as checkpoint security systems will deter theft both externally and internally.  Installing a checkpoint security system creates awareness among all employees due to the use of the anti theft devices such as clothing security tags or other security tags on merchandise that are either deactivated or removed for reuse at the cash register.  Using a system involves training on how to handle shoplifters as well which increases awareness on what to look for and how to “service” potential thieves out of the store.

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Checkpoint Tags – Tags For Sporting Goods And Electrical Cords

Checkpoint systems which owns Alpha has produced a couple of new retail anti theft devices that are hard tags intended for several merchandise items…corded electronics and tools, golf clubs and baseball bats. These hard tags are one piece that is hinged, wraps around the shaft of the item and locks in place. Each one has a non-slip grip on the interior. This keeps the O-Tag from moving around freely and protects the finish on your product.

They come in two sizes. The easiest way to describe them is that the smaller size fits electrical cords, golf club shafts and fishing rods size items. The large O-tag fits the shaft of a baseball bat.

Of course the O-tags retail anti theft devices are reusable over and over. They require an S-3 Key to unlock them. The S-3 gives them unequaled security. The S-3 key is very unique and keeps shoplifters from using another device to unlock the tag. Remember: your Checkpoint systems S-3’s must always be secured by bolting them to your cash/wrap or processing area in the back.

If you have power tools such as corded drills, circular saws and jigsaws you can now place the smaller O-Tag on the cord and have the unit on display or on the sales floor. The O-Tag does not hinder your products appearance and allows customers to completely interact with it.

The small O-tag is black the large one is gray. They are available in either RF or AM.  They come in cases of 100. Alpha has printed or molded into the plastic  “Electronic Alarm”. This gives a clear visual deterrent to the shoplifter.

The O-Tag is an item that you would be able to use a small quantity to cover some very expensive items.

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Checkpoint Systems In Europe

I have just finished up a very much-needed vacation to France and Germany. Of course it is a bit difficult to shut off completely. Especially when I saw Checkpoint systems in a vast amount of retail stores in both countries. Shoplifting is alive and well in Europe.

Anti theft devices devices abound. However, I did not see as much CCTV as one would think compared to U.S. standards. European retailers have figured it out. CCTV although an important tool is not the first line of defense as anti theft devices goes. Who has time or labor dollars to “watch” CCTV for shoplifting ? This coupled with the fact that covering an average store there or in The U.S. would involve quite a number of cameras. Cameras as anti theft devices are reactive or for after the fact. The person that is shoplifting is long gone before anyone would know. Unless you pay someone to watch CCTV all the time. Checkpoint systems are on duty 24/7.

This seems to apply to both large and small retailers. Even in the larger department stores in major cities I saw limited use of CCTV. What shocked me most was that I did not see CCTV used as anti theft devices at the POS for employee theft issues. In this situation I strongly believe that CCTV is a must. Each POS must have a camera that views the cash register, employee and customer. This camera is then fed into a DVR that overlays the cash register detail right onto the picture. This allows a retailer to view exactly what the cashier is doing. Are they ringing up a pack of gum but bagging up a DVD?

As far as the use of Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint tags the application in Europe and the U.S. seem to be the same. The one difference is that European retailers tend to use Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels on merchandise that has a lower price point than U.S. retailers. In many cases I saw hard tags on items priced as low as $2.00. The over all feeling was that if you have the system, use it.

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Checkpoint security tags available in a variety of shapes and sizes

If you are considering the use of retail anti theft devices take a look at checkpoint security tags.   Checkpoint Systems is the world leader in EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) systems likely due both to their ability to keep up with trends and their use of industry leading technology.

Whether you are protecting handbags, leather jackets, shoes, boutique apparel, men’s, women’s or children’s clothing, accessories, hardware such as electric drills and expensive tools, CD music, DVD’s & Blue Ray discs, ipods, memory cards, health and beauty products such as cosmetics, razors, drugs or baby formula, even liquor bottles…in other words anything you can sell in a retail setting can be protected by checkpoint security tags and or with their Alpha High Theft line of anti theft devices.

Some of the tags are called 3 alarm.  They will not only set off the alarm at the door, they have tamper sensitivity and built in sirens that will go off at any time the tag is tampered with…and that same siren will go off if the product is taken out of the store bringing attention to the shoplifter in a big way. You may have seen some of these in what are called “spider wraps”… security devices with cables wrapped around boxed items such as GPS units, small LCD digital photo frames etc…

If you are in the retail business you are losing inventory due to theft.  There is no way to avoid the presence of thieves, but what you can do is send them on to unprotected store by using anti theft devices such as checkpoint security tags and Alpha High Theft security products.

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Alpha EASy Guard’e Anti Shoplifting Bottle Cap

If your liquor store is experiencing shoplifting and “customers” opening and taking a drink then you need some new anti theft devices . For example one of the most popular targets of the shoplifting public is Grey Goose. Put an EASy Guard’e on the top of your Grey Goose bottle caps and the shoplifter will go elsewhere.

Alpha is a division of Checkpoint systems who produces the best anti shoplifting devices made

These anti theft devices fit over the top of the bottle and encase the cap and upper bottleneck in a very tough hard plastic. The top of the EASy Guard’e is clear so you can see Tax ID stamps.

The slim clear top allows for a much cleaner looking display. In will not interfere with your display. Besides being anti theft devices the EASy Guard’e will prevent customers from opening the bottle until it has been purchased.

These Checkpoint systems anti theft devices come in different sizes to insure a snug fit that provides maximum protection. They are easy to use and can only be removed by your staff with an S3 key.

The EASy Guard’e comes with either a RF or AM tag embedded inside. This non-deactivatable tag cannot be reached or damaged. The EASy Guard’e has the word “alarm” printed on the front to let the shoplifting customers know that they are playing with fire.

The new S3 EASy Guard’e combines the highest level of protection with optimal merchandise aesthetics. This sleek design is perfect for high-end displays and maximum merchandising.

Bring your liquor anti shoplifting program to new heights and start keeping your hard earned money on the bottom line.

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Checkpoint security tags send shoplifters away

Using anti theft devices and loss prevention security such as checkpoint security tags sends a message to shoplifters that studies show will simply send them elsewhere to unprotected targets.  This is a win, win, win, win situation.

Win number one; the presence of the anti theft devices means less retail theft, reducing shrinkage.  Typically retailers see a reduction in inventory losses of over 50% when implementing systems such as a checkpoint security system.

Win number two; the reduction in losses will translate over to boosted profits.  Losing product directly affects net margins.  A $10 item lost will take $200 to replace in a 2% net margin situation.  Keep that $10 item and you just added $200 to the available profit & net margin.

Win number three; less retail theft means more stock on the shelves available for sale. Retailers using products such as checkpoint security tags see a measurable increase in sales.  Price Waterhouse Coopers recently studies a chain of supermarkets over a fourteen week period and found that after the implementation of the checkpoint security system the net sales increase by over 9%.

Win number four; less riff raff in the store.  Sending shoplifters elsewhere and keeping them out of your store creates a better environment for staff and customers.

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Checkpoint labels create win, win, win, win for retailers

Using checkpoint labels with your checkpoint security system delivers a quadruple win situation in the battle against retail theft.

(In no particular order) we have win number one. The reduction in inventory shrinkage will translate over to boosted profit margins.  Losing inventory directly affects net margins.  A $10 item lost will take $200 to replace in a 2% net margin situation.  Keep that $10 item and you just added $200 to the available profit & net margin.

Second win on the list would be less retail theft means more stock on the shelves available for sale. Retailers often do not consider how using products such as checkpoint security tags deliver a measurable increase in sales.  Price Waterhouse Coopers recently studies a chain of supermarkets over a fourteen-week period and found that after the implementation of the checkpoint security system the net sales increase by over 9%.

Again in no particular order let’s take a look at another win; sending shoplifters (thieves) elsewhere and keeping them out of your store creates a better environment for staff and customers.

Last but certainly not least the presence of the anti theft devices means less retail theft, reducing shrinkage.  Typically retailers see a reduction in inventory losses of over 50% when implementing systems such as a checkpoint security system.

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Checkpoint security tags fit into the profit puzzle

The use of checkpoint security tags play an important role in the retail world other than protecting merchandise from theft.  The use of anti theft devices such as a checkpoint security system will significantly reduce retail theft and just as significantly if not more significantly boost profit margins.

Think about this if you are a retailer.  If you lose a $10 item, what is the effect that has?  Did you just lose $10?  Or if your net profit margin is 3% did you lose $7?  That is the thinking we hear from our clients when we first discuss this with them.

Think about this.  If the net margin on a $10 item is 3% then in order to produce $10 of profit to replace the stolen item you need to divide $10 by 3%.  That number is $333.33.  So if you lose $100 the sales required to replace that would be $3,333.33 and the numbers go from there.

According to the University Of Florida’s National Retail Security Survey large national retailers average about 2% net profit and lose around 2%.  These retailers typically have well managed Loss Prevention departments managing inventory and cash losses daily.

So an average retailer doing $1 mil will loose $20,000 if they have the same loss prevention program in place, most do not and lose double, triple, quadruple that and more.  Many do not really know what they are losing because they do not have programs in place to watch loss.

Back to boosting profits…you can easily cut your losses in half by using checkpoint security tags so let’s look at the effect on margin.  Go from a 5% loss to a 2.5% loss in a $1mil retail business that has a net margin of 3% before using checkpoint systems  anti shoplifting solutions then the $25,000 you saved bumps the net margin from 3% to 5.5% which is a 54% increase in net margin.

For more info on how you can boost profits by incorporating loss prevention solutions go to:  checkpoint security tags 

Anti Theft Devices That Make A Difference In Shoplifting

If you are looking for an immediate impact on your retail theft shoplifting problems you want to attack it with anti theft devices head on. To do this you must understand the difference between active and passive systems.

An example of a passive system is Closed Circuit TV (CCTV). Retailers install CCTV cameras through out the store. The cameras are recording on a DVR. The manager may even have a monitor in their office. But unless the cameras are watched at all time the system is passive. It is for after the fact. Some who is shoplifting knows this. They will even test it by concealing an item, move to another location and dump the item to see if anyone reacts. If not, the next time they come in the shoplifting begins.

An example of active anti theft devices is an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system such as Checkpoint security systems. Checkpoint tags are placed on merchandise and when someone who is shoplifting attempts to steal tagged merchandise the Checkpoint security systems at the customer doors alarm. Even better than this when someone who is shoplifting sees an EAS system they most likely will simply go elsewhere like your unprotected competitor.

Why is this? It is because an EAS system is active and “watching” all the time. The Checkpoint security tags are always on the merchandise 24/7. They cannot be removed without staff intervention. As long as the retailer keeps the Checkpoint security systems in good working order they are always guarding the merchandise that is tagged.

Other anti theft devices could include glass cabinets or other locking devices to lock up merchandise. That is not as desirable since it does not allow the customers to handle merchandise and then decide at their own pace. In addition customers become frustrated quickly when staff is not right there to unlock merchandise.

Retail theft is tough enough to control without having the correct tools. Checkpoint tags on your merchandise keep your profits on your bottom line.

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