Grocery retail theft prevention is a growing concept.

When you think of theft, most people think of stolen electronics, clothes and perhaps hobby items.  What most don’t consider is that grocery stores face a large amount of theft too.  That is unless you happen to work for a grocery chain.  Those who work in this area, whether chain supermarket or small general store, know that theft is a large part of doing business.  I have found that this is perhaps one of the last great frontiers, if you will, for Loss Prevention to become an integral part of the business structure.

Well here are some things that I have found are needed in this retail setting that all should consider.  Anti shoplifting devices are a must for retail theft prevention.  I recommend the Checkpoint Security System if you are in need of a new anti shoplifting system.  The Checkpoint Security System is a total security solution.  Checkpoint systems can encompass CCTV, alarms and EAS.  All these things are necessary to protect your store from both external and internal theft.  The Checkpoint security tags are great EAS tags.  They are cost efficient.  Checkpoint security tags can be placed on virtually any package.  In fact, you can even get Checkpoint security tags that are built into your meat soaker pads to help protect your high end primals and seafood.

Another great thing about Checkpoint security tags is that you can get them to look several different ways.  The standard tags are great, but a new concept has been to have your store name stamped on the tag.  This lets everyone know that the product came from your store and is great retail theft prevention to Organized Retail Crime organizations who intend to resell the product.  It is too easy for the police to trace back to the store of origin so they will generally leave this product alone and go steal it elsewhere.

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