Customer Service vs. Retail Theft Prevention

Throughout my time working in Loss Prevention, I have observed a constant struggle between stopping theft and giving customers the best shopping experience. As a person representing the anti-shoplifting side of retail, if it were up to me, everything in a store would be nailed down, in a case, or behind bars. This is why I don’t own a store and haven’t crossed over to a Customer Service department. Shoppers don’t want to be treated like criminals and they want to have an open merchandise experience where they can try on shoes, pick up purses, and test cosmetics. So how can retailers obtain a healthy balance between these two conflicting missions?

Enter Checkpoint Security Systems, a leader in anti-shoplifting solutions. All of the companies that I have worked for except one have used Checkpoint security tags to combat theft of live merchandise. While interviewing shoplifters at the retailer that didn’t utilize solutions from Checkpoint systems, all of them admitted that they chose our store over other retailers because we didn’t have any merchandise protection they would have to worry about defeating. While many professional shoplifters have tools to remove security tags, they still seek out stores that will make their job easier.

Checkpoint security tags also allow stores to offer their customers a live merchandise experience without the suspicion and worry that I constantly live with. With both hard and soft tags offered, shoppers can freely test and try on merchandise without bulky sensors getting in the way or tangled cables preventing them from removing the item from a rack. Retailers and shoppers each have more positive interactions with each other, and guests leave the store happier. The battle between Loss Prevention and customer service is over, with both sides coming out a winner.

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